Hair Care Tips


  • Detangle your extensions before washing using a wig brush or a wide tooth comb ( from bottom to top)
  • Rinse in cool water so that the curl patterns can remain very tight.

  • Using conditioner is fine, after approximately two weeks give extensions a nice wash with shampoo. ( Getting rid of any excess dirt or chemicals)

Minimal Heating 

  • ALWAYS use heat protectant before flat iron usage.
  • Minimize product use as it can damage hair over time. 

Any Curly Texture 

  • To maintain curly texture stare at minimum apply a curl defining product. ( Every other day ) 

  • If you would like to achieve wet look, apply a light application of water and curl definer. This will give the curl pattern a more wet and defined texture. 

  • Wet hair before bed then braid or twist hair to your liking ( not too tight ) at wet state to keep your hair from tangling.